CARMMHA is committed to GoMRI’s mission to improve society’s ability to understand, respond, and mitigate impacts of petroleum pollution and related stressors on the marine and coastal ecosystems.

Our research objectives will be informative to ongoing restoration efforts, resource management, and mitigation efforts aimed at reducing the effects of stressors on cetacean populations and improving the long-term environmental health of the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the next two years, we will share our findings on this website and with targeted outreach events to the restoration community, broader scientific community, general public, and Gulf of Mexico community youth groups. For example, we have already begun a collaborative effort with the Girl Scouts designed to garner the potential for CARMMHA’s women scientists to inspire young girls to pursue careers in science.

We are excited to begin our research and to work with all of you to bring a complete understanding of how DWH affected Gulf of Mexico marine mammals to the public, resource managers, decision-makers, and the scientific community. Please follow along with us at this website and our other social media accounts.